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Peanut allergy safe in Boracay

Posted by mananaboracay on April 15, 2012 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Peanut allergy safe in Boracay

Reviewed February 20, 2011

I have a lethal allergy to peanuts and peanut oil. While many of the places in Boracay (Fridays retsaurant to name one) are very good at understanding the severity of the allergy, there are just soo many peanuts on the menus of this island.


We were recommended to Manana - and they were amazing. They guaranteed no peanuts, and did not have any peanuts on their menu (or shake/drink menu, as many do).


The food was authentic, the service was fast, and the atmosphere was awesome (right on the beach).


Highly recommend this place.


Thank you.


Value ★★★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★★

Service ★★★★★

Food ★★★★★

Not Your Typical Mexican Joint but Good

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Manilapacman- Bloomington, IN

Reviewed August 16, 2010

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We went here right around sunset, and the view was wonderful! The beachfront section is right on the sand. As with most outdoor restaurants in Boracay, wear insect repellent.


Get the regular nachos- they bring it with a very unique set of dipping sauces and salsas and the chips are great! The beef burritos were pretty good, but the vegetarian enchiladas were a tad bland. Don't go here expecting a taste of home- it didn't taste like typical Mexican food, but was still delicious!


It was very busy, and slightly understaffed... but at the beach I don't expect the fastest service. That being said, they were quick to bring anything we asked for. The beer was ice cold!


Value ★★★


Service ★★★

Food ★★★★



Loved It!

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Loved It!


Reviewed August 16, 2009

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After many years, I went to Boracay for my practicum, my buddy (from an Org in UP), we ate dinner at Manana, a beachfront mexican cuisine restaurant. We tried the seafood sisig it was delicious! It can even fit for two persons. The ambiance and music was good. plus plus plus it was again beachfront. Though the prices were quite higher than usual, well, I was as suppose in Boracay.


Value ★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★

Service ★★★

Food ★★★★

?A Secret Mexican Delight, with a sunset to boot!?

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Cocoasian-Hangzhou, China

A Secret Mexican Delight, with a sunset to boot!

Reviewed April 18, 2009

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Our accomodation host Steve at Frendz Resors recommmended Manana, said it was one of his favourites, so we gave it a go. It was a little hard to find the first time,(we walked right past it!), but there is a lot going on when you walk down the beach, so we were distracted but didn't mind the light exercise.


The setting is great like most of the restaurants along the frequented stretch, you have a little indoor dining and of course a some out on the sand, which is perfect to catch the sunset. We got straight down to business and ordered Margaritas (they have a few different flavours) and did not expect the small fish bowls that were delivered to our tables! Lets just say we had an entertaining night!


Our friends had brought along their 2 year old daughter and she was quite happy to play in the sand before and after dinner, but we were all mindful of the heavy foot traffic going by.


The food was sensational too! We currently live in China and it is difficult to find great mexican food and we were delighted with our meals. My personal favorite were the chicken and beef chimichangas, YUM! Now be prepared that as it is an island they may tell you they have run out of certain products, so don't get upset if they take your order and then come back and inform you that you will have to make another choice, it's just the way it goes, so relax.


We ended up going back a second night and enjoyed everythign again even more. In fact we would love to go back to Boracay for another holiday and if we do, this is top of the list for dining for us.


Value  ★★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★

Service ★★★

Food ★★★★★

?Mal was anderes?

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Munich, Germany

Das Manana ist eine willkommende Abwechslung auf der Strandpromenade, wo sich Fisch- und Mongolische all-you-can-eat Restaurants abwechseln. Hervorheben muss man, dass man auch drinnen gemütlich sitzen kann, was bei den meisten anderen Restaurants nicht gegeben ist. Also ansteuern, falls es mal regnen sollte & Lust auf mexikanisches Essen besteht!


Visited February 2011

Google Translation

"Something different"

Feb 15, 2011 A TripAdvisor Member

The Manana is a welcome diversion on the beach promenade, where fish and Mongolian all-you-can-eat restaurants alternate. Highlighting must be said that you can comfortably sit inside, which is not the case with most other restaurants. So drive, if it should ever rain and desire is to Mexican food!


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MANANA... laesst man besser Manana sein, sehr teuer, aber den Preis nicht wert, mitten in der Shopping Mall der Stadt gelegen..laesst auch die Lage keine wahre Freude aufkommen. Dann noch lieber Zwerge in der Hobbit Bar ein paar Haeuser weiter anschaun, statt schlecht mexikanisch zu essen.

Google Translation

"Touristennepp, EXPENSIVE AND POOR"

Jul 19, 2010 A TripAdvisor Member

MANANA ... you can be better Manana not very expensive, but worth the price, in the middle of the shopping mall of town .. and the situation raises no true joy. Still prefer dwarves in the Hobbit bar a few houses further contemplation rather bad to eat Mexican,


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sino-chan- Osaka, Japan


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Traveler rating:

"Tacos are the best"

Jan 23, 2010 A  TripAdvisor Member

I go to eat not forget that delicious tacos I ate when I went to the west coast of America, and to find a Mexican restaurant in Japan, but was often can not understand the amount of taste, Manyanya of reputation in Boracay resentment was fine thanks went to. I felt that you get many types of tacos, larger amount, so the taste was good. When you go to Boracay are going to revisit.